Sovetskaya: Home no more
"To see and witness such situation, at the place where you spent all your life and lived so many happy days, is really difficult. Now and then I feel like I hear the voices of our neighbours, all of them were so friendly and dear. At some point you understand that your neighbours are becoming even closer than relatives. Eventually, there is no one. Some of them are even happy that they are moving away from this place, for the reason that the houses where they used to live were in a bad condition and finally now they are going to have proper houses, clean and tidy ones. Even though those houses are far from here. What about us? We know every single stone here. The saddest part is that now this place is getting scary. We are not afraid though and our doors are always open because we are in our own home, the place where we belong to. Every single day one of those houses is disappearing and every day story of a family fades away. However we will have to leave too, we do not have any other option. If we leave and come back again sometime later, most probably we will see a park here. But how we are going to face it and how we are supposed to feel about these changes? We won't ever return here again. We want to keep the memory of this place as it was in old days - warm houses, friendly neighbours, talks till morning, sometimes small fights. We were a family. Please tell me where are the members of this happy family now?" - said the Old Woman. She opened the door and said worryingly: "If it rains more, roof can fall down". "Goodbye, neighbours. Good luck to all of you." Sovetskaya, Baku, Azerbaijan