Luna Park: Fun is over

"I've worked here as a security guard for many years. I remember the times when this place was full of life. It was magnificent, majestic. It gave a generation a happy childhood and many jolly memories with it. For some it is an ice cream bought by dad, a snake balloon from mom, for others it is a bruise on the leg or rush of all attractions in half an hour. Every corner of this Luna Park brings back jubilant moments. But then the contracts expired, the road broadened, they closed the main entrance and this place started to fade away in front of my eyes. All that had been built through the years started to vanish bit by bit. They sold all they could and the rest was abandoned like this place itself with me to guard it. Now we both sit and wait when they will come and take what is left. Until that day the happy voices of children will cling on the remnants of this Luna Park. With hope that someday it might be restored to its days of glory." Luna Park, Baku, Azerbaijan